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A Will under your name makes it clear where all of your money, possessions and property will go in the event of your death. Writing a Will gives you complete control, allowing you to divide your hard-earned wealth between your family, friends and chosen charities accordingly. This ensures that the people and causes you care for are provided according to your wishes after you have gone.

Many people put writing a Will off and it’s understandable given how daunting the task may seem. Simply considering it is to ponder your own mortality, which isn’t something that comes to us all easily. That being said, failure to do so puts the power in the state, which means that your loved ones may not have access to everything that you would have wanted them to have.

Putting a Will in place can not only afford you the peace of mind, but it will make life much easier for those who love you, during an already trying time of grief.

Without a will, when an individual dies they do so intestate, which means that their estate will be divided in accordance with the intestacy rules of their country of residency and potentially domicility. A death intestate often results in your estate being distributed in a fashion that potentially goes against your wishes. Don’t leave any room for error and make sure that those you care for the most can take care of your estate when you’re gone.

But it’s not just about having full control over how your estate is divided, in fact that are many other benefits to putting a Will in place long before you’re gone:

  • To account for your children when it comes to who will take care of them and how they will be provided for.
  • You may want to leave a certain amount of money to a favourable charity which you always held close to heart.
  • To avoid any unnecessary taxes on your estate for those who will be taking care of it after you’ve gone.
  • You can also indicate exactly how you wish for your remains to taken care of and what funeral requirements you would prefer.
  • Having full control over how everything that you own is distributed - You may have a particular possession which you want a special someone to receive, and it would be devastating if it went to the wrong person who would not appreciate it as that certain someone would.

In the UK, studies have found that approximately 58% of adults do not have a Will!. Don’t let your legacy die with you or be dictated by those who have no knowledge or understanding of you and your family. Take full responsibility for what you own and afford your friends and family an easy transition when the time comes.

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