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Inheritance & Estate Tax Planning

There is more to writing a Will than meets the eye and Estate Planning is one of the additional activities that goes along with it, to ensure that your wishes for how your legacy succession is handled goes to plan.

By being proactive with your planning, you can do away with any potential uncertainty surrounding how your estate is divided and distributed in the event of your death. By taking advice and addressing these issues now you can save you can afford yourself the peace of mind knowing that everything is in order in the event of your death.

When writing a Will you will be asked a number of questions regarding your current financial situation, which can actually prompt you to take a deeper look at your current estate. This is not only a great way of preparing for the future but maximising on your wealth and how it serves you whilst your alive.

In addition, for those who will be liable to pay death tax, by calculating that now, you may be able to implement steps in order to mitigate potential taxation in the event of your death. There are also other strategies available, such as life insurance, trusts and gifts that can offer coverage on that liability which will ensure that your loved ones will receive exactly what you intend, absent any estate taxes.

Naturally, as we age estate planning and Will writing becomes more of a pressing concern, however it is not something that only the wealthy or elderly should consider. Even if you have a modest estate, there’s all the more reason to maximise the amount that your loved ones will receive when you’re gone.

Don’t leave any room for error and plan for any eventuality – contact us to start planning your estate succession today.

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