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Storage And Review

The majority of all our clients entrust their documents to our specialist safe care for a nominal annual fee. We provide a copy of your Will for you to retain.

Life is never constant and therefore personal circumstances, families, opinions and even law are subject to change. At Harbour Wills we understand this uncertainty more than anyone and a offer a Storage and Review Service to ensure you Will is always kept safely and updated to meet your change in circumstances in a cost effective way.

Only your original Will correctly signed and witnessed is legally valid. A copy, whilst useful, is not deemed legal for the distribution of your estate. It is a surprising statistic that one in three Wills are never found, and if your Will cannot be found decisions will be made by the Courts under the Rules of Intestacy.

  • Your beneficiaries may suffer, and your estate may not be distributed as you planned.
  • Your family may argue over the distribution of assets.
  • An out-dated Will may be used, with undesirable consequences.

Whatever your situation, whatever we draft for you, one needs to review this at regular intervals to consider your expectations and intentions for the future and adapt your Will and estate planning accordingly.

We prefer to develop long term relationships with our clients rather than regard the making of a Will as a simple one off transaction. Our Storage and Review service is an important element of this.

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